A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
30th, 31st March and 1st April 2017


Cast        Production Team
Eunice Hubbell Dolly Howlett   Director Jean Cooper
Stanley Kowalski Christian Mortimer   Production Assistant Val Jones
Stella Kowalski Sarah Hudson   Stage Manager Lynn Marsh
Steve Hubbell Jon Gilbert   Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Biggs
Harold Mitchell (Mitch) Lee Kenneth   Backstage Assistants Richard Cohen, Marcel Kay
Blanche Du Bois Cathy Naylor   Properties Sue Bonner
Pablo Gonzales Ian Russell   Continuity Babs Oakley
Mexican Woman Charlotte Pope   Wardrobe Liz Adams
A Young Collector Josh Sowerbutts   Wardrobe Assistant Sylvia Zilesnick
Nurse Charlotte Pope   Set Design & Construction Garry Cooper
Doctor Graham Milne   Lighting design Terry Tew
Others Val Jones   Sound Design Andrew Rogers
  Richard Cohen   Sound/Lighting Operation Andrew Rogers
  Marcel Kay   Programme & Poster Design Howard Platt
  Charlotte Pope   Production Photos Howard Platt
  Graham Milne      
  Josh Sowerbutts      

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