The Lion In Winter by James Goldman
17th, 18th and 19th January 2019

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Cast        Production Team
Henry II, King of England Andrew Rogers   Director Adam Rabinowitz
Alais, a French Princess Melanie Clark   Production Assistant Babs Oakley
John, the youngest son Ian Russell   Stage Manager Martin Howarth
Geoffrey, the middle son Alex Roth   Asst Stage Manager Lizzie Tucker
Richard Lionheart, the eldest son Peter Galloway   Properties Sarah Hudson
Eleanor, Henry's wife Karen Rogers   Continuity Val Jones
Phillip, King of France Freddy Parker   Wardrobe Liz Adams & Sylvia Zilesnick
      Set Design & Construction Lee Kenneth
      Lighting design Terry Tew
      Sound/Lighting Operation Sarah Biggs
      Programme & Poster Design Howard Platt
      Production Photos Howard Platt

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